January 22, 2024
BigHub welcomes a new wave of talents!
BigHub welcomes a new wave of talents!

BigHub is growing! Our team is getting stronger with the addition of some more talents. Let’s meet them!

Viliam Gago

The first new one in our team is Viliam. He brings valuable experience in DevOps and cloud engineering and has a diverse background from gaming development at Madfinger Games to fintech innovation at Flowpay and sharing his knowledge through teaching programming to beginners. With Viliam on board, we're gearing up for some next-level data engineering adventures

Tomáš Halama

Introducing Tomáš, who will be diving into the VSE, Fortuna, and Sazka projects. Tomáš is skilled in image recognition and deep learning, particularly adept at tasks like removing watermarks from images using advanced techniques. Beyond his technical expertise, Tomáš is also a passionate traveler and technology enthusiast. His ability to connect cutting-edge research with practical applications in technology is a valuable asset to our team. His skill in bridging research and practical tech will surely drive innovation in our team.

Igor Hrifanov

Igor joins our team for the Generali project, bringing with him a diverse range of skills in development, DevOps, and machine learning. His background includes managing cloud infrastructures and pioneering the digitization of clinical trials at MSD. Igor embodies the innovative spirit of our team. Igor's keen on embracing tech challenges, and we're eager to see his impact.

Jan Kolovecký

Meet Jan, our new colleague for the Datalake project at Fortuna. His cool thesis work on Java frameworks demonstrates his problem-solving abilities and knack for tackling technical challenges. Jan will apply his tech-savvy skills, and we believe his versatile abilities will be valuable to our project.

Dominik Horák

Dominik is coming aboard to take on report migrations. When he's not diving into GPU parallel computing research, he's sharing tales as a castle tour guide (yep, you read that right!). Dominik's zest for learning and diverse interests make him a perfect addition to our team.

Welcome aboard Viliam, Tomáš, Igor, Jan, and Dominik! Here's to new adventures and smashing goals!