April 9, 2024
Elevating Our Partnership with Microsoft
Elevating Our Partnership with Microsoft

Elevating Our Partnership with Microsoft

BigHub had embraced cloud transformation and AI long before it started being cool. One of our most important partnerships from the very beginning until now has always been with a technological leader in both cloud and AI - Microsoft. Throughout the years our cooperation has proved to us that being a Microsoft partner is not about adding another badge to the website and pitch deck — it's about putting the technology and skills together, sharing knowledge about market and real customer needs, and working together to bring real innovative solutions to the customers.

Our newly gained status as a Microsoft Managed Partner is a significant milestone. Collaborating with them allows us to offer an even higher level of services and solutions to our clients. Working with Microsoft, we can better understand the latest trends and technologies, and respond faster to our clients' needs. It means we're not just keeping pace with technology; we're seeing where it will go, thanks to early access to new solutions, dedicated support, and specific grants that help us kick-start implementing those solutions at a lower cost for the clients.

Specializing in Analytics and AI

AI has been the center of our solutions from the very start and we are glad that last year proved us right again. We are newly a part of the Azure Innovate Program which is specifically aimed at advanced analytics and AI integration. Last year, we also fulfilled the criteria to gain the Analytics on Microsoft Azure Specialization. This wasn't just a win for us but for every client looking to leverage data in more meaningful ways. Through rigorous training and an in-depth audit, we've shown that our expertise in Azure Data & AI isn't just theoretical — it's practical and impactful. It proves our in-depth knowledge of Azure tooling and tools, such as Databricks, or Microsoft Fabric.

Why does this matter?

The whole partnership is about working together to bring real innovative solutions to the customers. For them, it is not only about being ahead and having access to cutting-edge technology but more about the certainty that the important parts of their infrastructure are built according to the best practices and latest standards. And better offerings, of course.

Team, team, team, team

The expertise and commitment of our BigHub team have always been the cornerstone of our success. This is especially true for our initiative to enhance the skills of our entire organization, a goal that everyone has contributed towards achieving. Together, we have earned 18 Microsoft certifications, a testament to our dedication and hard work. The most sought-after certification among us has been the Azure Data Engineer Associate (DP-203), with the Azure Developer Associate (AZ-204) and Azure Data Scientist Associate (DP-100) closely following in popularity. 

In addition to these certifications, we have attained more advanced qualifications, underscoring our commitment to excellence and continuous learning. This includes the Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification among others, signaling our team's ability to handle more complex technological challenges and projects. We are immensely proud of our team's knowledge and expertise.