October 7, 2022
The BigHub team grows with five new top talents, and one senior software developer!

BigHub is built on experienced senior experts, but we are also supporting talented students and graduates!

Most of the founders of BigHub met while studying at CTU, which makes our relationship with our alma mater even deeper. That is why BigHub has partnered with CTU where we opened a new super practical course Applied Data Analysis. Students go through new technologies and methods and try the real application. We have a chance to give back and help the next generation of data professionals apply their knowledge to real-world problems. 

BigHub welcomes new team members! 

BigHub has been built on experienced senior experts, but more and more often we are thrilled by the talent of our students and young professionals in general. For example, our new colleague Jachym Bielesz is currently finishing a Bachelor‘s degree in mathematical methods specializing in data analytics and his main focus is Python, Cloud, and databases. In addition to the fact that he worked for the economics department of his university, he has been a part of the university magazine’s team and for some time he also worked as a certified floorball referee. 

The next new team member is a student named Rustam Ibragimov. Rustam is in his last Master’s year in Financial Engineering at the Prague University of Economics and Business with a specialization in Data Engineering. In BigHub he has been onboarded to a data science project for a large energy company– where he continues to improve his skills in Azure and Data Science. Data always comes first of course 😊 however, he is a fan of the sport, tennis mostly. „I am a huge Rafa fan,“ he’s smiling. He even used to work as a tennis coach for a couple of years. His close colleague in BigHub is Jáchym Šimon who graduated from mathematical engineering at FNSPE CTU. Jáchym has been mainly focused on Machine Learning both at the university and in his previous projects and together with Rustam is part of our Data Science team which is led by our Lead Data Scientist Nesrine Rabhi!

Our clients also include logistics companies and on these projects, Ivan Shaydulin is helping us. Ivan is a Junior Data Engineer focusing on Python, databases, and Azure cloud. He used to lead an audit team & perform data analysis and advisory engagements for small or medium-sized businesses. What we appreciate the most is the fact that even though he got a master‘s degree in accounting and business administration, a few years back he decided to completely change the field to data engineering and start to learn to program on his own and is very good at it!

 We are also happy to welcome Damián Baraník who studies Data Science and AI at FIT CTU. Damián is active in the student union FIT++, and he met BigHub at the COFIT student job trade. Damian is already helping us with a project for our customers from the retail industry.

The newcomers are rounded out by Jakub Ryška. With his extensive experience in Node.js and researching and developing big data sources used for the application with Apache Spark, he will complement our data engineering and software development team.

There are never enough data specialists! :) Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your career journey, let us know!