April 26, 2023
Strengthening Our Human Element: Welcoming New Talent in Business Development and HR
Strengthening Our Human Element: Welcoming New Talent in Business Development and HR

As we continue to excel in applied AI, we recognize that human expertise is equally essential for success. That's why we're excited to introduce our newest team members, who bring with them a wealth of knowledge in marketing, business, and HR.

Introducing Daniela Valsová: Business Development Manager

It takes a lot of interesting projects to keep our clients happy, and Daniela is here for that. Her background is mostly in business administration and marketing, Daniela won the CFA Institute Research Challenge and her biggest experience was helping Henkel to rework their pricing strategy for 3D printing resins across different geographies. 

Daniela will team up with Karel Šimánek, Tomáš Hubínek, and Tomas Lancinger to expand the sales team, manage partnerships, and help the BigHub team upskill and certify. Her arrival translates to better organization, improved processes, and even stronger connections with our clients.

Welcoming Táňa Vaňousová: HR Operations Consultant 

We're also thrilled to welcome Táňa, our new main person for keeping all people operational. Táňa has a wealth of experience in operations, HR, and office management, which is exactly what you need when growing as quickly as we do. Táňa is going to be working closely with Tomáš Hubínek, and Dana Lancingerová to oversee company operations, manage our back-office team, and support our ongoing expansion and growth.

Meet Dominika Kubcová: Back Office Specialist

Our new Back Office Specialist Dominika will be handling the HR agenda and project administration tasks. In case you're coming to us for an interview, Dominika will be the first person you'll meet. Before joining us, she worked as a CEO's assistant at a tech startup, where she honed her skills in multitasking and organization. We're excited to have Dominika on board, bringing her wealth of experience to support our team and help us focus on what's important.

We welcome Daniela, Táňa, and Dominika on board and are excited about the opportunity to work together.