April 16, 2024
What a Year! BigHub's 2023 review
What a Year! BigHub's 2023 review

What a Year! BigHub's 2023 review

What a ride 2023 has been for us! As we take a moment to catch our breath and look back, it feels like we've been on an epic trip. So, let’s hit the rewind button and relive some of the highlights from the last year's incredible journey:

Stretching our wings

While we have been working for international clients all along, and thanks to our partnership with GoodData, and some US Fortune 500 companies, most of our focus, business, and efforts were always aimed at our domestic market. Last year, we solidified Košice, Slovakia, as our next office for our Slovak clients with a BigHub dynamic trio leading the charge. We are also prospecting Poland, namely the Krakow area, and thanks to the collaboration with Czech Trade, we have the first promising prospects in Italy. We also grew our presence in the DACH market, engaging with the Czech-German Chamber of Commerce and Czech-Swiss Chamber of Commerce.

Our trade mission with the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade (MPO) has motivated us to double down on our US, opening official sales there last October. This effort is already bearing fruit, with our first projects underway, marking a promising beginning of our US expansion story.

Outside of the US, and Europe, we've significantly advanced in expanding to the Middle East, with a foothold in Saudi Arabia. 

GenAI is still an AI

Generative AI took the business world by storm and has taken center stage in data and technology innovation. Finally, we did not have to explain the importance of AI implementation. Building on our strong ML, advanced analytics, and cloud foundations, we were quick to kickstart new projects. Several clients are testing our self-service BI platform using chatbot and text-to-SQL features.

At BigHub, we are trying to leverage GenAI as a chatbot interface and a powerful process automation tool. We have first projects with LLMops and enterprise-grade standards in production, namely advanced automation of claims management for an international insurance company or advanced categorization for a global logistics company.

Team, team, team, team!

Our team grew by 14 wonderful individuals, bringing our total to 44. Each new member has added a unique hue to the BigHub palette, enriching our culture and amplifying our creativity. Our shared moments, from football matches to cycling trips and summer parties, have knitted us closer, turning colleagues into lifelong friends.


We've witnessed remarkable growth, with our revenues over CZK 90 million, a testament to our collective hard work and dedication. Our partnerships, especially the strategic partnership with Microsoft , have bolstered our capabilities and opened new ways to bring value to our customers.

Giving back

Our commitment to education and community engagement has been stronger than ever.  supporting the Data Talk community, CAUI. Our main focus was on students: teaching at FJFI, being part of the PoznejPovolání high-school program, supporting the Hlávka foundation, and extracurricular activities at our alma mater universities. 

As we bid farewell to 2023, we do so with hearts full of hope and minds buzzing with ideas. The past year has shown us the strength of unity, the thrill of discovery, and the beauty of innovation. We are immensely grateful for the journey and for everyone who's been a part of it.

Here's to an even more incredible 2024, filled with achievements, laughter, and breakthroughs. Thank you for being an integral part of our BigHub team.