BigHub – End-to-end guide on the AI journey
From on-prem legacy systems to AI-powered enterprise
Helping People
AI Strategy, Ideation, Adoption, Training because the human aspect needs the best care.
Boosting processes
Both operation and analytics, optimizing the status quo.
GenAI Platform
Interact with all your data via GPT, ask, command, orchestrate just as you need
GPT Agents
Gain power of mini-GPT agents, making digital twins of existing roles and orchestrating them
Custom AI
Making any kind of recommender, early warning system or so to bring full power of AI just at the place where needed
Modern Data Platform
We build modern stacks unlocking the potential of data, combining large batches and streaming

End-to-end solutions

Starting from data off-loading from existing on-prem systems, through connecting to cloud and building modern cloud stack, to GPT powered enterprise