One Prompt to Knowledge
Uncover Your Business Documents Instantly, Right at Your Fingertips
Embrace simplicity in managing vital internal documents through our AI-enhanced approach
  • Instant information acces
  • Seamless integration
  • Enchanced knowledge managment
Seamless Integration
Our solution integrates effortlessly into your enterprise via Microsoft Azure, OpenAPI, and similar services.
Unified Output
Whether it's Word documents, PDFs, or SharePoint files, the output remains consistent and accessible for all users.
Minimal Entry Threshold
Our cloud-based solution operates on a pay-as-you-go model, significantly reducing upfront costs.
Confidentiality Assured
Our solution ensures users can only access documents within their permission scope, and it is designed not to learn from sensitive information.
AI-Enabled Learning
With Microsoft and OpenAI's GPT technology, our bot learns from your data, delivering precise responses and valuable insights.
Autonomous Operations
With our chatbot, document searching, information retrieval, and knowledge base administration are just a few clicks away.

AI-powered Document Management

KnowledgeBase AI acts as your central hub for all internal document management needs.It caters to a broad range of document formats across various storage solutions. With its AI-powered search and summarization capabilities, it offers a unified, efficient, and secure platform for all your proprietary knowledge, seamlessly integrating into your existing systems.